Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Did you know that federal law offers consumers protections from certain creditor behaviors? The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, FDCPA, outlines how creditors and debt collectors can collect debts while the Fair Credit Reporting Act ensures that information is reported fairly in a consumer’s credit report. The FDCPA covers most consumer debts, including credit cards, medical debts, personal loans, payday loans, mortgages and other debts obtained for personal or household purposes. If you believe that you’re being harassed by debt collectors, you can fight back. Glacier Bay Law can help.

Your Legal Rights as a Consumer

If you’re tired of debt collectors calling you, you can notify them in writing to stop. Once you do that, they can only respond to let you know there will be no further contact or to notify you that there will be legal action taken. Debt collectors are also legally required to provide you with the name of the creditor, how much you owe and how you can dispute the debt. You’re also legally entitled to request information about the original creditor, if applicable. When you communicate with a debt collector, put it in writing, keep a copy of your letter, including the date it was written, so that you have records of all communications.

Stop Creditor Harassment

Under the FDCPA, debt collectors, including debt buyers, collection agencies and debt buyers, are prohibited from certain collection practices, including:

  • Calling before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.
  • Calling you at work after they have been asked to stop
  • Harassing you over the phone
  • Using abusive language or threats
  • Making false statements or threatening arrest
  • Attempting to collect debts they know are invalid
  • Continuing to contact you after you have obtained legal representation

If you’re dealing with creditor harassment, it probably won’t surprise you that the FTC fields more complaints about the debt collection industry than any other industry. Glacier Bay Law can help you stop creditor harassment once and for all.

Freedom from Harassment

Creditor harassment is not without consequences for consumers. Many people who are struggling with harassment suffer from anxiety, stress and marital problems, and they’ll go to great lengths, including bankruptcy, just to stop the harassment. With legal representation, you can stop the harassment, and you can even fight back. The law is on your side, and you may even have a case, allowing you to pursue legal recourse. The team members at Glacier Bay Law will protect your rights and help stop the harassment. We can even help you build a strong case and file a lawsuit when appropriate so that you can get the relief you need. Call us today to learn more or to get a free, no-obligation case evaluation.